Monday, March 16, 2015



Home-made tiramisù and churros are my faves!!
The truth is.. They taste even better if you share them with some friends :)

Now that it's a bit warmer and the sun shows up more, what better thing that a shopping-session, coffee and something really, really good to eat to end up at best ?!

Wishing you plenty of that.. XoXo

Obsessions of the month


Every time, at this time of the year, I find myself buying a new pair of converse.
I end up wear them sooo much that I need to change them every year!
So comfy and stylish..They look good with every kind of outfit and never go out of style!
A basic must-have in my wardrobe for me.
Then.. I came across these slip-on shoes from Zara and fell in love.
Aren't they gorgeous? Again, they go with everything and you can't go wrong wearing them.
I love wearing them with basic outfits I prefer to wear during these days as you can see.